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Before: this beautiful newly renovated house was sad and empty…

Hey y’all ( I don’t know why I am southern all of a sudden but that just sounds like such a fun thing to say)!  So coming up with a blog post has been a bit difficult because I am just getting started (blogging) but have been staging houses and taking names (see what I did there?) for over three years now.  I figured for this one I would keep it pretty simple and give the people what they want- which is of course, before and after photos.  (duh)

I could tell you what I do but I would rather just show you.  Enjoy!


LR 2

This house is still one of my favorites. I love the serene color story, the mix of rustic with modern and the shelf styling came out perfect (if I do say so myself).  And believe it or not, the entire inspiration for this room was that piece of art on the wall to the far left of the photo.  It had a beautiful combination of periwinkle blue and celery green with the brushed nickel frame- it just spoke to me.  (The price spoke to me as well- $19.99 at the Christmas Tree Shops!)

IMG_6973Master 8

And good thing I am a professional stager and not a photographer because obviously this photo leaves a little to be desired.  But I love how chic this master suite turned out! I am all about those pops of fur, lately.  What do you think?

LR 4



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