Mucho gusto…

Spanish was always one of my favorite subjects in high school.  Something about being able to speak another language has always fascinated me.  And I never understand why people who speak more languages don’t speak them all the time!  My husband speaks FOUR languages fluently and I brag about him constantly.  I ask him what language he thinks to himself in and what language he dreams in and he just thinks I’m crazy (loca).  Maybe that is why I love home staging so much.  In a way staging is just another form of  language, a way to tell the buyers a story of what could be.  Barb Schwarz quote

So while we are on the subject of communication and since we are just getting to know each other,  I thought I would kick off the new year by telling you a few more things about me:

I always pick up pennies that are “heads up” on the ground.

I walked down the aisle on a beautiful sunny September day in a picturesque setting to “When a Man Loves a Woman” playing just on a saxophone.  It is to this day, one of my favorite moments.

I find Bananas disgusting.  The taste, the texture, the smell, just not good. (no bueno)  Which stinks because I love pancakes and they seem to make such a happy couple.

My favorite show when I was a kid was “Charles in Charge”… I thought Charles was the coolest babysitter ever. (he kinda was)

I was voted the “funniest female” in my high school’s senior class.  But please don’t ask me to “say something funny”- because I can’t.  (Or maybe I just won’t 😉 )

I know all the words to Jack Nicholson’s “I want the truth” speech from A Few Good Men.

I am an eternal optimist.

I have been married for nine and a half years to the best guy in the world who is my best friend, who treats me like a princess and  makes me laugh all the time.  I am very lucky.2012-08-17 12.57.16

I am amazing at home staging, it is truly my calling.  I love every minute of it, I pride myself in the fact that I am constantly researching and learning the business and I have extensive knowledge of the real estate market.  I am extremely passionate about helping sellers achieve fast, top dollar sales on their homes- but deep down I just want to make things look pretty.

Mucho gusto,




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