The truth is…

You don’t need Home Staging.  There I said it.  Every home will absolutely sell… at some point.  And the owner will definitely get paid…some money for it.  And if you know of any sellers who are ok with selling their house just whenever it happens and do not care how much money they get for it please let me know because I have some Realtor friends who would  love to meet them.  Talk about no pressure!

So obviously I am being facetious, but really I am stilled so surprised by how many homeowners and Realtors don’t see the value in staging.  Here they are selling this huge asset and they aren’t worried about properly marketing it?  It’s a beauty pageant out there and presentation is everything.

I understand that the upfront investment can be daunting for some, but the return on investment is astronomical.  Our clients generally recognize about a 300-500% return on their staging investment.

Take this home for example:

A beautiful vacant home in East Greenwich.  Prior to staging it was on the market for Over 500 (yes FIVE HUNDRED) days!  And like I said, it was a beautiful home.  But it was empty.  It felt so… cavernous.  Almost too big.  And every little flaw stuck out!  Little things that would have been fine had the house been furnished- a blemish on the wall, the wiring in the living room, a misplaced child’s sticker.  All these tiny imperfections became glaring with nothing else to look at.  And so this lovely, well-priced home sat (and sat) on the market.



(that’s us- Premiere Home Staging)

To save the day!


We used all of our own inventory to turn this home into something spectacular.  The sellers did not have to reduce their price.  It was priced right it just wasn’t presenting properly.  And guess what?  It was under contract in…drumroll please… 16 days.  Our staging made the difference from about a year and a half of market time to two weeks!  Had this seller staged first they would have saved about $80,000 in carrying costs (and that is after recouping their staging investment).

And it was cold and snowy for this installation!  But the show must go on.

It was cold and snowy (surprise) for this installation! But the show must go on.



So if you know a seller who is fine with selling “eventually” and doesn’t care at all about leaving money on the table, then it is true, they don’t need staging.  Everybody else, please send them our way!  We can help them sell their home faster and for more money.













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